Carlos Gomez to St. Louis?

With the Astros making a push for the playoffs, the team recently decided to designate Carlos Gomez for assignment. Gomez has had a dreadful season at the plate and really not helping the Astros playoff push at all. The Astros will have to decide soon whether to trade Gomez or Gomez will become a free agent.

However, has reported a possible trade between the Astros and Cardinals. According to the report, the Cards are interested in getting a replacement for Matt Holliday who broke his thumb against the Chicago Cubs earlier this week.

Personally, I do not see Carlos Gomez turning it around to make an impact for the Cardinals or any team. but they are free to have him in my opinion.

Maybe a change of scenery might help him out. Who knows?

If the trade does go through, it will be interesting to see the reception Gomez gets at Minute Maid Park on August 16th as the Astros open a two game series against St. Louis.


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