Everett Withers Introduced as New Texas State Football Coach

On Thursday, my alma mater Texas State University introduced its new football coach, Everett Withers. Withers comes from James Madison University where he compiled a 25-13 record in two seasons with the Dukes. He also has FBS and NFL coaching experience as well.

It wasn’t just his record of success or his vast experience that impressed me, It was his infectious enthusiasm, commitment, leadership style and his desire to take Texas State football to the next level. He wants to be a Bobcat and I want him there for a long time!

I have never been more excited or hopeful for the future of Texas State football than I am now.  I really hope that I will get a chance to see a few games this year and watch him take us to the next level!

Here is a great recap of the introductory press conference, courtesy of TexasStateBobcats.com.


I mentioned Coach Withers’ enthusiasm, commitment, leadership, and his desire. This video brought to us by JMU shows excactly why I’m so pumped about the future of Bobcat football with Coach Withers at the helm!


Heres to more parties in the endzone next year!







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