A week with iOS 8

A little technology to add to my sports blog!


All things considered, the past year with my iPhone has been pretty boring.

I have discussed the state of smartphones countless times here on BGR. For savvy power users like myself — and like millions of BGR readers out there — we’re in a bit of a lull right now. Put plainly, 2013 was a pretty boring year for smartphone fans.

Innovation doesn’t grow on trees, and impressive progress has been made in the smartphone market over the past 18 months. Phones are thinner and sleeker than they ever have been before. Mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows Phone have been updated with plenty of nifty new features.

Has anything been introduced that might truly excite power users, though? That’s open to debate. What most technology fans likely won’t debate, though, is that the new features introduced in iOS 7 were not exciting for savvy users. Not even…

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