ONCE a Bobcat, ALWAYS a Bobcat!!!

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Yesterday, I took my last final of my college career and I graduate on Thursday. The dream of earning a college degree is slowly coming into focus. It has taken me 8 years to finish school and my last stop was the best stop for both me academically and professionally.

I came to Texas State four years ago looking to gain more from my college experience as well as getting a degree and Texas State has defintely delivered. While my college experience may differ a lot from the traditional student, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Texas State gave me the opportunitty to not only learn more about mass communications from wonderful professors, who truly care about you as a individual student, but I have also gained valuable work experience by interning at the campus radio station,KTSW! I probably have learned more about the radio industry and what it takes to succeed in the industrty than anything else in my time at Texas State. I thank KTSW for that! If you ever want to get hands on experience, a campus radio station is the way to go.

The students I have met here are some of the nicest people I’ve been around and with an organization like NTSO, which is the non traditional student organization on campus, I have felt welcome and accepted into a group of students who are like me in the fact that we’re non traditional, but were still Bobcats!

Speaking of being a Bobcat,while the athletics could use more student support; because as Bobcats, we should support one another. I have felt an energy on campus that is very unique. Slowly but surely our reputation as a school is getting better. We’re the fastest growing university in the state and San Marcos is THE fastest growing city in the country. My mass comm program has a reputation for being one of a kind.

As far as my academic experience here, I am so glad I have come to a university that has the resources for students to succeed. While I’ve had to use private tutors for my last two intense classes, Texas State tries to have resources for their students. There was a time in my life where I thought a college degree was impossible to obtain because of the lack of academic support. On Thursday, I will accomplish one of my lifetime dreams of completing my college education. I am thankful for the professors who believed in me, the students that made me feel welcome and I couldn’t have done any of it without the love and support of my family, especially my dear wife who I love dearly and would do anything for. I am forever grateful for you baby!

I will be forever proud to be associated with Texas State and I hope to carry on my legacy at TX State to our future kids someday!


2 thoughts on “ONCE a Bobcat, ALWAYS a Bobcat!!!

  1. Congratulations to you Dan for a job well done and a degree well earned!

  2. Daniel,
    We are so proud of you and Amber! What a winning team!

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