Gone For Now

Hello Everyone, i just wanted to give everyone a heads up for my blog. Starting Monday, I will be back in school and I will be focusing my energy on my classes. I only have 4 more classes until I graduate from Texas State and I’m taking two pretty intense science classes that need my full attention. Thank you for spending sometime reading my blog and I hope to continue it after my college days are over. I really didn’t expect anything from this blog at first, but after using it for awhile, I understand the power of this medium. Blogs are another way to market your personal brand and I’m really glad I have a blog now.

See you soon!


YouTube Video!

Hey guys. Well my summer session is over, but I had a blast working on things throughout the semester. Especially getting to talk to a former Astros broadcaster Dave Raymond! Below is a 6 minute video of what I learned this past summer session and what I plan to do in the future! ENJOY!

Play Without Thinking

Produced by Grantland.com Kliff Kingsbury is in his first year as Texas Tech’s head coach, which also happens to be his alma mater. I’ve always liked Kliff as a person and coach; heck , he helped Johnny Football win the Heisman Trophy this past year. I really like his thought process, playing without thinking. Sometimes if you think to much, you get bogged down and can’t react as fast as you could than just playing. I also like how he teaches his players. Instead of studying a playbook, he  has his players write the plays down which actually helps them better. I actually learn best from doing something instead of staring at something trying to memorize it. I would play for Coach Kingsbury!

Growing up a Texas A&M football fan

I’ve been a Texas A&M fan for a long time. My grandfather took me to my first game and I’ve been hooked on Aggie football ever since. The school spirit is amazing and contagious! Below is a slideshow of everything related to Aggie football Saturdays!  Hope you enjoy! While I may be a Bobcat, I’m definitely a hardcore Aggie football fan!

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Future of Media

Courtesy of bpos.org

We live in a world today where one thing is always constant. Change. Change is always happening. The world we live in is way different from the way I remember growing up.

I would consider myself a “techie” in that I love everything that deals with technology. This class that I’ve taken for the past couple of weeks has been the best class I’ve taken while at Texas State.

I remember growing up fascinated by the internet and everything on it. You could easily spend hours surfing the web and getting all kinds of information about anything. I remember that I would spend a lot of time on the internet, mainly finding sports news and music. I was consumed. When I got my first cell phone as a junior in high school, I thought I was the coolest guy on the block because I had a phone. It had a camera, and it had capacity for one or two games. I loved it though. Before long, I was texting and downloading ringtones like crazy. Then everything changed…

I got my first i-phone after learning my then girlfriend (now, my wife) had gotten hers and I was indeed jealous. I had a ruby colored flip phone that was nice, until I broke it (never happening again) . I felt that the Apple i-phone was a better product because everything seemed to work seamlessly and flawlessly. It took an adjustment period as everything new does, but I can’t imagine myself going back to the basic flip phone.

Now, I can’t live without my i-phone and the information I get from it. I get the latest sports scores and news delivered straight from my phone from sources like Bleacher Report and CNN. I check my bank accounts, get restaurant reviews, and even can figure out what the tip will be when writing a check after going out to dinner. I can see why Wired said the web is dead and the internet lives on. We don’t go to the web for information we want, the information comes to us. We can do so many things on the i-phone that we can’t do on a computer. But we can also access websites and the ever important social networks.

However, I can also see the other side of the spectrum, where the world wide web is still important. In an article by Mark Suster, Suster explains why the world wide web is not dead because of six things

1-Developers can weasle their way through platform development. By that I mean they can work in javascript or html for their apps. They can find loopholes

2- Browsers will catch up eventually with better technology

3- Multi platform apps costs too much to make.

4- Issues with Distribution- the app companies with more cash get more attention

5 – More data + more distribution = bigger data problems

6- TCO- Total Cost of Ownership- very expensive to develop apps

Honestly, I agree with Wired Magazine a little bit more than Suster because I agree that most people get information from smartphones and its the way people stay informed, keep in touch and do other things. However, I still use my computer for word processing and other things, but I am more informed about topics because of the immediacy of my news I get from my phone and it is with me 24/7. It’s also easier to stay in contact with friends and family because not only does it store contact information but it can house social networks as well.

This is my opinion in the future of media. What’s yours?