Remix Manifesto Response

Girl Talk- Courtesy of Village

This movie was very interesting in that it brings so many questions to what is copyright and what is considered creativity. I never heard of Girl Talk before this video and didn’t realize he what he did.  But as I listen to their music I eventually figure it out that he steals clips of music and mashes them up together. Some say it’s stealing from the original artist and I can see that being true, they just snatch it and don’t even ask the original artist for permission to use it. That’s flat out stealing. However, I understand that some people say its creativity and to just let it be.  If it’s not harming anything, why bother?

I’m all for creativity; original creativity.  What he is doing is not original in my opinion.   All he is doing is mashing up clips of certain music and setting them to a beat. What’s original about that? Maybe if I saw them in person that would change my mind. However, he is  basically saying to the original artists, f—- you, we’re going to steal your music and gonna claim it as ours. That’s not fair to the original artists at all.   If you want to remix something, fine, go ahead, but let’s be nice to another and ask before we take something.  It’s the right thing to do. What he is doing is wrong and cheap in my opinion. If you want to be an artist, create some original music.


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