My Personal Brand- School Assignment

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For our Fundamentals of Online Media class, we are supposed to summarize the articles assigned to us concerning economics and personal branding. As well as suggestions for us to improve our personal brand.
The first article assigned to us was by Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine. In the article, published in 2008, he explains our economy is slowly but surely shifting from a “hit” driven market to a niche market. What I mean by that is instead of going to a store and seeing only the popular music, you now have a broader choice in music thanks to I-tunes and other such products. He also goes on to talk about how abundance has taken over scarcity in the fact that there is more of what people want without having to go anywhere. Anderson gives us an example of this featuring two books on Touching the Void was published in 1988, which was about a near death experience for some people in the Peruvian Andes. A decade later, another book was published about another mountain climbing tragedy. Touching the Void was almost completely out of print until Into Thin Air was published to great reviews. Because of Into Thin Air’s popularity, Touching the Void was given second life because of recommendations from readers. Now, both books are still widely available to people.
Abundance is the name of the game for shoppers nowadays as almost anything is available online for pretty reasonable prices. There is no need to go around town for shopping anymore, its all online and it costs less for companies because there is less labor involved. Scarcity is in the past because you can find almost anything and everything online.

Another article published by Anderson was called Free. Free is about how our working companies should figure out how to still make money by selling stuff for free. It’s a radical idea for sure, but there must be a creative way to do so. It’s the way the world is heading according to Anderson.

At last, we were supposed to read an article by Gary Vaynerchuk, Crush It!, which summarizes Vaynerchuk’s career working for his family wine company. He decided that he needed to do something more to promote his personal brand. He got on Twitter and started a video blog. Now he is a social media giant, with thousands of followers.

He suggested a couple of things to help you with your branding.

1- be transparent and honest. That way people will trust you and you never know who will be watching

2- By people seeing your content, you may get a dream opportunity you least expected.

3- Be authentic, the real you, don’t try to be anyone else!

4- Learn how to use a certain platform and own it!

As far as my personal brand, It’s obvious that I want a job in sports. This blog is a start but I think I can do more to promote my brand:

1-Make A demo of your talent, whether its broadcasting a game or interviewing people

2- Get out there and look for other opportunities away from Texas State.

3- Be willing to step out of your comfort zone!


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