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Hello Everyone, Taking a break from sports coverage, I just wanted to inform everyone that this blog has a Facebook Page!! For our class, Fundamentals of Online Media, we are supposed to get at least 25 fans to our pages representing our blogs. For those who are not baseball fans, 6-4-3 represents a double play in baseball. The numbers represent how they are positioned on the field. A double play happens when two players on the batting team are out on a single play. Most double plays in baseball start with the shortstop (6) who throws it to the second baseman (4) to get the man running from first out. The second baseman then throws it to first to get the man who just hit the ball in play out (3.)(Double Play Explanation)

The fielding team has to be quick and precise when turning a double play. Below is a great video on how to execute a double play.

(Courtesy of’s Youtube page)

On the Facebook page, I will be posting blog updates, special announcements, and more! I really want to get this blog some notoriety, so invite your friends, family to swing by to be updated on what’s happening on my blog!

Hope you Enjoy!


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