Download: The Story of The Internet: People Power

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Besides the host being a little weird, I like this series because it really goes in depth about the internet and it’s many parts. This section of the series talked about how companies like Google and Digg, got their start, which was interesting because I personally did not know how Google or Digg actually got started. I also didn’t really know about Napster, only had heard of it, but knew nothing about it besides that it was an illegal music service that had to be shut down because of copyright law.  The only company that was featured that I knew quite a bit about was Facebook. probably because we talk about it so much in class and that I use it more than anything else.  I look forward to finding out more throughout the rest of the summer session. As far as what has changed in social media since then is that Facebook is now the leader in social media along with Twitter (Top Social Networks) Once I left Myspace, I never looked back because I liked Facebook so much better. The interface was a lot cleaner and more simple to use, minus all the ads. Now, Facebook seems to becoming the New Myspace with all the games, ads etc. which can get quite annoying at times. Granted, I never would have had a Facebook page if it wasn’t public because all I had was a Yahoo email when I signed up.


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