The Astros Youth Movement

Courtesy of the Houston Chronicle

Jarred Cosart- Courtesy of the Houston Chronicle


Good Morning everyone, I hope everyone is having a great day. Besides getting stung by fireants this morning while walking my dogs, I’m doing pretty well.

The Astros lost last night against the Cards, 5-4. The Astros will visit the Tampa Bay Rays Friday night. David Price will take the mound for the Rays. Rookie Jarred Cosart will start for the Astros.  The youth movement is alive and well for Houston and I decided to write a short piece on that aforementioned youth movement.  Go Astros!

Ever since Jim Crane took over the Astros, one thing was clear from the start, Crane wanted to rebuild a franchise that was worn down after years of neglect.  He hired Jeff Luhnow from St. Louis to start things over and recently hired Reid Ryan from Corpus Christi. At 32-59, we are not going anywhere soon and while that may upset some fans, we knew from the start that this was going to be a tough year and we trust the new management, or at least I do. Jeff Luhnow comes from an organization that has had success in the minor and major league systems, so he knows what he is doing. In the past two drafts, he has selected young players to build a franchise around and start from scratch. Carlos Correa and Mark Appel are studs from what I’ve heard and they will be in the majors sooner rather than later I think. Appel has already joined Correa in Quad City.

Friday night will be another step in the right direction as Jarred Cosart will start against Tampa Bay . While his stats may not be super impressive ; 7-9, 3.29 ERA with Oklahoma City, (kudos to the Houston Chronicle) It’s time to give this guy a chance because it’s the perfect time to do so. Perfect because we are in no hurry to get anywhere. All he need is experience on the big league level.

This youth movement will show its shine in the next couple of years I’m sure. As fans, we just need to be patient and remember the saying

“good things come to those who wait.”



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