First Post

Astros Pride!

Astros Pride!

So, I’m taking this online media class and I’m very excited because I get to blog about what I want to and therefore, it should be easy to pound out some articles I hope you enjoy.

Sports are my life so that’s what you’ll most likely see on this site.  I love baseball, basketball and football. While many sports fans out there are obsessed with stats, I’m one of those people who care about what the athlete does on the field that day. I don’t care what his slugging percentage is or his yards after catch percentage is, just go out and play ball. On field ( and on court) performance is what matters most to me because everybody is going to have good and bad days, its life and you can’t change it.

For teams I follow: Rice University, Texas A&M and University of North Carolina.  I follow these teams because I followed them growing up. The only time I root against these teams is when they play Texas State!  in which case I will always pull for my alma mater!!
Professionally,the teams I follow are the Houston Astros, The Boston Red Sox, Houston Rockets, and Houston Texans. For the most part, I prefer college sports because of the pageantry involved. I’ve been to both college and pro games and college games win every time! Showing your school spirit and wearing your colors proudly gets me more pumped up than anything else.

I look forward to writing here and giving you a unique sports perspective and hopefully will gain a following to entertain sports fans everwhere and pursue my dream of becoming a sports broadcaster!


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