Texas A&M Football Player Dies In Crash

So sad to hear. Everyone needs to remember to buckle up and drive well rested…

CBS Houston

ALBUQUERQUE, NM(AP) – A Texas A&M freshman lineman and an incoming member of the University of Utah football team have died in a rollover crash in New Mexico, officials said Tuesday.

Polo Manukainiu, a redshirt freshman at Texas A&M, and Gaius “Keio” Vaenuku were among three teens killed in the wreck, Texas A&M said in a statement. One of the survivors, Salesi Uhatafe, is another incoming freshman football player for Utah.

The wreck occurred Monday on U.S. 550 just north of Cuba.

State Police said in a report that Manukainiu, 19, and Vaenuku, 18, were passengers in a southbound 2002 Toyota Sequoia, according to the school’s statement. The vehicle drifted off of the road, the driver overcorrected, and the vehicle rolled several times.

Manukainiu and another passenger, Andrew Uhatafe, were ejected and died at the scene, the statement said. Vaenuku was transported from the scene but was pronounced dead in…

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Remix Manifesto Response

Girl Talk- Courtesy of Village Voice.com

This movie was very interesting in that it brings so many questions to what is copyright and what is considered creativity. I never heard of Girl Talk before this video and didn’t realize he what he did.  But as I listen to their music I eventually figure it out that he steals clips of music and mashes them up together. Some say it’s stealing from the original artist and I can see that being true, they just snatch it and don’t even ask the original artist for permission to use it. That’s flat out stealing. However, I understand that some people say its creativity and to just let it be.  If it’s not harming anything, why bother?

I’m all for creativity; original creativity.  What he is doing is not original in my opinion.   All he is doing is mashing up clips of certain music and setting them to a beat. What’s original about that? Maybe if I saw them in person that would change my mind. However, he is  basically saying to the original artists, f—- you, we’re going to steal your music and gonna claim it as ours. That’s not fair to the original artists at all.   If you want to remix something, fine, go ahead, but let’s be nice to another and ask before we take something.  It’s the right thing to do. What he is doing is wrong and cheap in my opinion. If you want to be an artist, create some original music.

My Personal Brand- School Assignment

Courtesy of PersonalBranding101.com

For our Fundamentals of Online Media class, we are supposed to summarize the articles assigned to us concerning economics and personal branding. As well as suggestions for us to improve our personal brand.
The first article assigned to us was by Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine. In the article, published in 2008, he explains our economy is slowly but surely shifting from a “hit” driven market to a niche market. What I mean by that is instead of going to a store and seeing only the popular music, you now have a broader choice in music thanks to I-tunes and other such products. He also goes on to talk about how abundance has taken over scarcity in the fact that there is more of what people want without having to go anywhere. Anderson gives us an example of this featuring two books on Amazon.com. Touching the Void was published in 1988, which was about a near death experience for some people in the Peruvian Andes. A decade later, another book was published about another mountain climbing tragedy. Touching the Void was almost completely out of print until Into Thin Air was published to great reviews. Because of Into Thin Air’s popularity, Touching the Void was given second life because of recommendations from readers. Now, both books are still widely available to people.
Abundance is the name of the game for shoppers nowadays as almost anything is available online for pretty reasonable prices. There is no need to go around town for shopping anymore, its all online and it costs less for companies because there is less labor involved. Scarcity is in the past because you can find almost anything and everything online.

Another article published by Anderson was called Free. Free is about how our working companies should figure out how to still make money by selling stuff for free. It’s a radical idea for sure, but there must be a creative way to do so. It’s the way the world is heading according to Anderson.

At last, we were supposed to read an article by Gary Vaynerchuk, Crush It!, which summarizes Vaynerchuk’s career working for his family wine company. He decided that he needed to do something more to promote his personal brand. He got on Twitter and started a video blog. Now he is a social media giant, with thousands of followers.

He suggested a couple of things to help you with your branding.

1- be transparent and honest. That way people will trust you and you never know who will be watching

2- By people seeing your content, you may get a dream opportunity you least expected.

3- Be authentic, the real you, don’t try to be anyone else!

4- Learn how to use a certain platform and own it!

As far as my personal brand, It’s obvious that I want a job in sports. This blog is a start but I think I can do more to promote my brand:

1-Make A demo of your talent, whether its broadcasting a game or interviewing people

2- Get out there and look for other opportunities away from Texas State.

3- Be willing to step out of your comfort zone!

College Baseball Now App (Fake Sports App)

College Baseball Fans rejoice! Introducing the new, College Baseball Now App! College Baseball Now will be your source for everything college baseball. Featuring every Division 1 baseball team, you will get a live boxscore that keeps everything current, you get both team rosters with updated stats and if you want to listen to the game you can with our exclusive Radio link. On the home screen shown below, you will see the aforementuioned parts, plus a live screen shot of the action! When a player hits a home run, you’ll see a box with Home Run with the box score automatically updated! You can also see umpire calls and the result of the call will be shown live on screen! Below are just handdrawn shots of what the app will look like when fully developed. It will be an iphone app only for now!

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2  in use - live game action
Screenshot 2
in use – live game action

Blog Facebook Page!


Courtesy of pcauthority.com.au

Hello Everyone, Taking a break from sports coverage, I just wanted to inform everyone that this blog has a Facebook Page!! For our class, Fundamentals of Online Media, we are supposed to get at least 25 fans to our pages representing our blogs. For those who are not baseball fans, 6-4-3 represents a double play in baseball. The numbers represent how they are positioned on the field. A double play happens when two players on the batting team are out on a single play. Most double plays in baseball start with the shortstop (6) who throws it to the second baseman (4) to get the man running from first out. The second baseman then throws it to first to get the man who just hit the ball in play out (3.)(Double Play Explanation)

The fielding team has to be quick and precise when turning a double play. Below is a great video on how to execute a double play.

(Courtesy of MLB.com’s Youtube page)

On the Facebook page, I will be posting blog updates, special announcements, and more! I really want to get this blog some notoriety, so invite your friends, family to swing by Facebook.com/643blog to be updated on what’s happening on my blog!

Hope you Enjoy!

Download: The Story of The Internet: People Power

Courtesy of BostInno.com

Besides the host being a little weird, I like this series because it really goes in depth about the internet and it’s many parts. This section of the series talked about how companies like Google and Digg, got their start, which was interesting because I personally did not know how Google or Digg actually got started. I also didn’t really know about Napster, only had heard of it, but knew nothing about it besides that it was an illegal music service that had to be shut down because of copyright law.  The only company that was featured that I knew quite a bit about was Facebook. probably because we talk about it so much in class and that I use it more than anything else.  I look forward to finding out more throughout the rest of the summer session. As far as what has changed in social media since then is that Facebook is now the leader in social media along with Twitter (Top Social Networks) Once I left Myspace, I never looked back because I liked Facebook so much better. The interface was a lot cleaner and more simple to use, minus all the ads. Now, Facebook seems to becoming the New Myspace with all the games, ads etc. which can get quite annoying at times. Granted, I never would have had a Facebook page if it wasn’t public because all I had was a Yahoo email when I signed up.

Making Texas State Proud

Paul Goldschmidt of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Courtesy of Sports Glory.com

At the MLB All Star Game in New York City, Paul Goldschmidt will be a part of the National League All Stars team. Paul Goldschmidt plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks and he is one of the game’s rising stars. He has a batting average of . 313, 21 home runs and 77 RBI’s (runs batted in) on the year so far. He also happens to be a Texas State alum. He was at Texas State from 2007-2009, setting new school records in home runs and runs batted in (Wikipedia.) In 2009, his junior year, he was drafted to the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2009 First Year player draft .
After spending some time in the minors, He was called up to the Major Leagues on August 1, 2011 (USA Today.)He has a bright future ahead of him.

However, if baseball doesn’t workout for the long term, Goldscmidt has a plan for his future beyond baseball mentioned in this “Rising Stars” profile featured on the Texas State University website.

As a student here at Texas State and an avid follower of the baseball team. It makes me extremely proud to know that Paul was a Bobcat and that he understands how truly special this place is. He took advantage of the opportunities that are here and it helped him succeed in life . I wish him nothing but the best in his career! Even though I’m a die hard Astros fan, I’ll always root for Paul!

Paul Goldschmidt ‘s Double in All Star Game